Stories to Tell

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In November I had a solo show at the Gallery at Gorse Mill. It was my first solo show since leaving the world of publishing. All of this work was painted in the last year and a half. All in all I had about 25 new pieces of art. While I knew my work had […]

The Year in Review: Many Changes, Many Paintings

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In February of 2018, I last posted on this blog. It was fully my intention to be better about writing and sharing here. For many years I spent countless hours on my first blog,┬áCats and Jammers Studio.┬áThere I wrote about books and art and writers and movies and TV shows and just about everything. Some […]

Saying Good-bye to the Old, and Welcome to the New!

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Welcome to my new site and blog. After trying to keep up to date on 4 other blogs, covering topics on everything from movies, to books, to antique hunting, to design, to celebrity culture, to decorating, to eye glasses, to garbage, not to mention art…well…I’ve decided to just maintain one blog: this one. My fresh […]